What they said

"Thank you for the invitation to present at ChipEx2019. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for organizing a great conference."

Roger Carpenter, AI and ML Acceleration Expert, Google


"I enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to ChipEx - thank you for inviting me. I look forward to doing it again."

Pete Foley, The developer of Apple's Mackintosh and Newton and today CEO, Ascenium

"It was my definite honor to attend the event and have the chance to present in front of many experts."

I had met many engineers from all parts of world and talked about the design challenges for their applications. As a foundry engineer, that was very valuable discussion to directly hear from (potential) customers."
Ji Youn Kim, Senior Engineer, Samsung Semiconductor


"Thanks a lot for hosting this wonderful event ChipEx2019 this time in Tel Aviv for us.

We had many good discussions with the participants and enjoyed the program throughout the day."

Nicole Tien, Sr. Application Engineering Manager, ASE


"I felt very impressive that many prominent and famous semiconductor related companies gathered at the conference.
Lectures and a panel discussion were very informative and were arranged perfectly.
Thank you very much for inviting us at such a great conference and exhibition."
Dr. Hiroki Hihara, Senior Manager, NEC Space Technologies, Ltd.


"I was truly honored to receive an invitation to speak at ChipEx this year. This is an exceptional event."
KT Moore, EDA Sales & Marketing Executive, Cadence

"The event was really a good experience and an effective way to connect with the major Israeli semiconductors companies."

Pierre GAZULL Business Development & Product Marketing Mgr. Dolphin Integration

"It was my honor to attend ChipEx2019 and to present Attopsemi’s OTP solution to the audience."

Jeffrey Lin, General Manager, Attopsemi Technology Co., LTD


"Many thanks for a great two days event. It is a great pleasure see the event been larger and larger from year to year, and see all the foundries and the leading EDAs coming over. Kol Hakavod!"

Dr. Eitan Shauly, Dir. of Integration, TowerJazz


"It is not my first time with ChipEx and I am very positively impressed from the way it is organized, from the industry leaders that speak at the conference and from the high quality of the presentations. I consider this to be one of the most professional conferences in the industry and I thank you for pulling all this together year after year. Keep up the good work, such event is highly important for the engineering community."

Zvika Rozenshein, CEO, EngineeringIQ


"A great first trip for me to Israel… Your ChipEx is an impressive undertaking."

John Neuffer, President and CEO,SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association)


"I was very happy to make it, and am truly glad that my participation was valuable. I enjoyed the event and the open talk with engineers."

Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President, Hardware technologies, Apple


"Thank you, I enjoyed very much the conference the talks and the chance to meet other participants."

Prof. Emanuel Cohen, Technion


"It was a great conference and an interesting experience, thank you for the warm hospitality."

Hassan Triqui, CEO, Secure-IC


"It was a great conference (as always) and I enjoyed it very much!"

Shahar Kvatinsky, Assistant Professor, Technion


"… I have had a very memorable experience. Israel impresses me as a land of innovation and entrepreneurs. Interaction with the local folks left me with a very strong impression of a very humble society.

The ChipEX2016 conference is concise, efficient and on time."

JJ Wu, Vice President, UMC


"Thank you for a well-organized event. I have enjoyed it."

Eran Briman, Vice President Marketing, CEVA


"I really enjoyed the plenary session which gave historic perspective of the industry.

…. I found the lectures very informative and could get another perspective of the semiconductor industry."

Ido Holcman, Head of eBaem Technology, Applied Materials


"I was impressed by both the executive summit and the conference itself. I had some great networking opportunities at both events.

It’s clear to me that ChipEX is a major industry Israeli event since the all semiconductor eco-system is present."

Michel Windal , Head, Strategic Partnerships for Europe, imec


"Thank you for inviting me to participate. It was an excellent forum."

Prof. Joseph B. Bernstein, Ariel University

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