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Very proud of Gilles Delfassy - he has been recognized by the semiconductor industry association ChipEx, with its Global Industry Leader Award
Last year, the semiconductor industry experienced a period of uncertainty and major changes.
A soft error does not damage the system’s hardware, and by rebooting itself, the system returns to normal state.
Moortec Semiconductor will be exhibiting at ChipEx 2017 which is taking place in Israel on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th of May.
The domination of TSMC in the local market is considered by GlobalFoundries and UMC as a business opportunity to offer lower prices for the local fabless industry.
SIA CEO John Neuffer was at #ChipEx2016 last week to speak about #semiconductor priorities & the industry's future.
Gradman stated "Just ask Apple. They acquired Anobit and PrimeSense, two companies whose main activity was chip design, and hired hundreds of chip designers who were let go from other companies, like Texas Instruments."
Israel is well-positioned to become an important center of IoT development, says Shlomo Gradman.
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